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I'm not so much biting my tongue as I am being careful about *why* I'm saying things.
This is a new step for me and one that I've been in dire need of taking since Tom used to sit in my bed at night and gently explain exactly why it was that I hadn't moved in a week.
Oh there is still plenty of ranting to be done. And there will be plenty of ranting done. But about intangibles, not people in specific. Becuase I've found that, first of all, when I'm ranting about a person, I'm usually hurting someone in the process. Wether it's the person or the people who care about that person.
And most people won't tell me honestly that it hurts them and to just shut the fuck up. That just leads to a lot of problems that I don't feel like dealing with.

Oyster-girl am I.
I'll be holding on to the anger until I can spit it out as pearls.
Becuase the truth is, I'm a really good person and I'm tired of being made to feel otherwise by those who misunderstand my intentions or twist my meanings to suit their wills.

Sister Mary Oyster Girl.
Who's habit includes slutty stripper boots.

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