A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I called in to work this morning. Being up until 3 ish when I was supposed to be getting up for work around 5 was part of it. The other part was the incredible ASSYNESS I felt like.
Plus some people are bad influences and led me down the demonic path of shirking my work duties in favor of protecting my health.
Damn me to hell.
Plus Keith, not one of the executives, answered the phone. So he just said he'd pass along the message and that saved me from hearing Brian's sweet little voice and making me feel guilty.
It means less money on this check, and increases the chances that I'll be asked to stay late someday this week. But fuck it. I felt like crap and I would have had a very very miserable day.

Have any of you actually been going and listening to the TechRadioShow? The one I've been plugging every saturday night?
It's crack-like. I'd give you the first show for free to get you hooked... but it's free anyway.

There are oldershows and snippets and stuff on the site archives. There's the show that never aired too, broken into MP3s. If you're a fan of the lovliness that is punkalicia you can hear her call into the show. I called in and so did brittany741.
And if none of that is enough... sometimes they give away stuff to people who call in.
Ya basterds.

I plug the show this much becuase there is so much *crap* on CNet and becuase there's just so much crap tech bullshit on the internet anyway. But these guys have put together a quality show that combines information, humor, and an honest give and take of ideas. It's refreshing and good and I will gladly stump for anything that can actually get enough of my attention that I remember to tune in for more than 2 weeks in a row.

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