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I was fine going into work. And then the massive sick hit. It got worse most of the day. But I'm thinking that maybe it was just that I was at work and everything I was around was scented. HORRIBLY HORRIBLY SCENTED.

I watched Amelie last night.
I really love that movie and at the time it made me smile. But it still makes me miss feeling a way I've never felt.
Or, well... sort of.



Jan. 9th, 2003 02:30 am (UTC)
Re: tell me about it
I think I've just done it for so long that I don't realize I'm doing it much at all anymore.
I've long come up with metaphors that try to adequately encapsulate why it is I feel like a work in progress. But mainly, everything and everyone in your life changes you just as soon as they're in it. That's movies, songs, books, people, events... all of it.
We're such maleable lil monkies.

I don't see anything particularly *wrong* with embracing something that's going to work change in you regardless of your reaction to it. ::shrug:: But then, I don't have a lot of conversations about things like this with people who I'd be embarassed to have know these things. So I think that helps.

Of course I know what the Lady Chablis line means. But, me being me, I always look at phrases like that from a more origin based, etymological stance. And somehow "forever curious about its origins" came out as "don't know what it means."

Jan. 9th, 2003 02:39 am (UTC)
Re: tell me about it
I hear ya -- I couldn't imagine being embarassed in front of anyone with this stuff besides my own self -- usually those pangs come when I'm trying to get to sleep, when I discover what I've actually been up to... Yep, we are maleable little monkeys though -- the process as a whole is undeniable and I know that, as a whole, it's nothing to be ashamed of -- it's just the pieces of it -- occasionally I just get caught up in how silly I am.

etymological stance? I'd like to say that I'm good with that stuff, but I'm not -- I still look em up when I remember to -- and I've got a friend who understands Old and Middle English along with some archaic French, so usually I can just give his nerdy ass a call... maybe I'll be good with that stuff when I'm all wrinkly.

I liked the etymological origni of your statement though -- "forever curious about its origins"



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