A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

angry, pompous, rambling, pseudo-political rant. feel free to skip it.

more battlegroups shipping out.
A law stating that no marine can take indefinite leave after April.
3,000 marines on standby to be picked up with the amphibious groups that are currently moving out.

And the dipshits in this country will probably re-elect the bellicose frat boy currently in office.
Despite his not being elected in the first place.
Yep, I'm still on that. And I'll continue to be on that... probably forever. He wasn't elected and we're just so fucking jaded that we didn't CARE enough that this one guy (and all his daddy's friends) shoved it in our faces that our vote means *nothing*. It was interrupting our Must See TV programming. Get it over with! I need to see what happens to Rachel and Ross this week!

Fuck you and your apathy.

I think it might just be part of growing up here in the middle of this huge military complex. Growing up the child of someone who spent a few tours in vietnam and who still gets very very weird when watching certain films. Knowing that the military never added anything positive to my family except a steady income. Knowing that the most valuable thing I learned from all the sailor boys around here is that they plan to play dumb, and they'd appreciate it if you'd do the same.

I see these *little boys* being rallied to go kill people. Can someone give me a good reason? Can someone give me a reason that's good enough? I'm open to suggestions.

I've had enough flag waving, patriotic, 'come on home boys', glory of war crap shoved down my throat. It's the media's mainline around here. It's all dissolves of waving flags and happy, relived, bawling women holding up children to the strangers coming off the ships. God bless yous all around.
I've never gotten that Audie Murphy ideal crap. I've never gotten why it takes such strong men to kill until they're killed. To follow orders. I go to Arlington and I see a lot of wasted life. No glory. No orchestral swell.

Of course, I don't get the 'ideals' behind the death penalty either.

This is why I've had to stop talking politics and corporate policy and protest and the state of the world. I get so mad. And then I get overwhelmed. And then I just feel sort of hopeless. I have no answers. I just know that *this* is not right.

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