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I am devistatingly interesting. yesh.

My stomach muscles feel taught and tender from all the coughing. It was particularly bad yesterday. I'd start coughing and wouldn't be able to stop. Not high throat coughing either. Deep, painful sounding, chesty coughs. The ones I associate with Bronchitis and pneumonia.
I got cough medicine stuff. I really hate taking medications for things. It's going to sound weird... but I'd much prefer things to just take their course and go away on their own. Part of that stems from it being rare that a medication really makes me see a marked difference in the way I feel. Unless we're talking about a pain killer, no thanks, I'll just tough this out.
Yes, painkillers get their own category. I realize it's medication... but it's medication that has a nearly immediate effect. So it's different in my estimation from just about any other sort.

Anyway, I get cough syrup (isn't there some sort of drug legend thing that goes along with robitussin? Some weird ingredient that you have to drink like... 30 bottles to get enough of to do whatever it is it does? Gonna have to go look on erowid.) and some cough drops.
I got made fun of for quite awhile on the phone with Dave. Because he was being a shit about me smoking. Which I hadn't done that day, and I'd only had one cigarette the day before. But noooooooooooooo that's not good enough for him. Nope. uh uh.
Anyway, I get off the phone, spend about an hour tossing in bed, coughing too much to sleep and then ended up sleeping until fucking NOON becuase no one wakes me up.
And now I have a horrible headache.

Long story short, I don't really NEED to do crunches. I've got my lung infection to keep the stomach muscles in good working order.

edit: How the hell could I forget that robitussin is a delivery system for DMX? DMX: the idiot's high.


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Jan. 11th, 2003 11:10 am (UTC)
The price for being cool is high Holly...bear it woman!

BTW, I was tossing it all night too, so I know how you feel.
Jan. 11th, 2003 11:56 am (UTC)
and the price for being Dave is having to toss it all night.
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