A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Things to remember :

- American Beauty will make you cry. So don't let yourself end up sobbing and inconsolable at 4 am.
- Your sister doesn't know why you keep wanting her to clarify if she's talking about Microsoft the company, Microsoft Windows or Microsoft word. Just figure it out from context and stop asking.
- Godiva chocolate is actually really not good, no matter how many people tell you it is. It's not good and you shouldn't be cajoled into thinking otherwise.
- Toby Maquire will always dissapoint you with his performance. Get used to it and stop expecting more.
- There is no reason you *should* enjoy reading the Drudge Report.
- It's okay to give your sister dirty looks when she eats all the M&Ms in one sitting. She is, after all, only here to steal your chocolate.

I've two movies to watch. Glengarry Glenross and LA Confidental.
Neither of them light. Neither of them silly.
And that's sort of what I want right now.
I can't take Amelie or Chelsea Hotel right now. I've watched both Tapeheads and UHF into the ground. I haven't watched the copy of Das Boot I got for my birthday... but then it's Das Boot and there's just no way in *hell* I'll be able to watch that right now.

I could always just send these dvds back, rearrage my cue so I get sent all the Jackie Chan stuff and then add these back onto the cue when I feel like I can take the heavy drama.
But that would require actual effort on my part, ya know?

Heh. I think I've gotten too much sleep. I feel all weird and off balance today. I'm tired but I'm not. I'm sad but I'm not. I'm silly but I'm not.
I feel like writing, but I've nothing to say, really. But at the same time I have *so much* to say.
I'm bored and lonely and kind of out of it and displeased and grumpy and moody and okay and blah and pretty mellow but good and stuff.
I'm in just that one mood where a nice long hug really *would* help.
And no.. that's not a cue for any manner of cyber-huggy-ness. that sort of thing just makes me hostile. I think I'll just have to decide to be good. ::nods::
Sometimes, that actually works.

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