A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

CCraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanky Holly

apparently I'm very combative today.
Actually, I'm just feeling blunt.
I told the idiot at work to stop talking to me because it makes me hostile. Yesterday I let him know that I would never ever ever touch him, no matter how much he asked me to and that he should leave me alone. When he kept talking to me, I let him know that I found his inane, pointless blather so annoying that it makes my teeth ache and that I want NOTHING to do with him in any way shape or form.
Straightfaced, no need to apologize, and not really said in a "nice" way either.
But did he take the advice? 'Course not. And now he just keeps 'aplogizing' in really sarcastic tones for being "soooOOOoOoo annooOOOOYing."
He doesn't realize that I'm going to fucking kill him.

Pretty much.. today... If you haven't been fitting into my guidelines of acceptable behavior, I've been making it clear that you're pissing me off. Which is sort of weird for me. I usually bite my tongue.

Francis in the backroom who kept "supervising" me doing backstock.
I stayed *an hour* late at work finishing up some backstocking for the plannogram team. Most of it was *fertilizer* and *plant food* and *pesticides*. Fart+Baby Puke + mouldy food = The horrible stench that permeates that whole half of the backroom. And there I was handling the stuff, standing right in the epicenter.
And this cunt Francis decided to hover and criticize.
She broke her leg a few months ago while coming down a ladder in the backroom. Since then, the backroom has been a pleasant place to be. People can work and get things done and there's no one there harassing them constantly about *sweeping*.
SWEEPING .. of all things.
She didn't like where I put things. She didn't like the *way* I stacked merchandise. She didn't think that my groupings were very "efficient".
Finally, choking, eyes watering from the stench, I asked her if she knew why I was doing the backstock. She said no. I told her it was because I thought there would only be one backroom person and when there's just one, they're usually way too damned busy for it. BUT.. since she was obviously feeling well enough to FOLLOW ME through the backroom, maybe she'd like to finish up the rest of this flat and the other TWO sitting right over there. She went all laughy/silly on me and hobbled off. Like the 'joke' got me off the hook or something.
Fucking weirdness.

The lady at the department store who kept PEEKING INTO the fitting room got told that I didn't care if she worked there or not, thought she was being thoughtful or not, she damned well better get the hell away from me while I was nude in a little booth.

Then later I told the same lady that I didn't need her to stand there and tell me that it was a cool coat/skirt/blouse/jacket/whatever I happened to allow my eyes to linger on for more than 10 seconds and by the way, did she get some sort of comission off these sales and if not, then why was she so *very* up my ass?
I will just leave stores if the salespeople don't leave me alone.

Maybe I'm just feeling solitary. Most of my conflicts today have been about people bothering me.
But I don't usually have this many conflicts in one day either.

Soo... I think maybe the subject line ties that one up. Cranky and tired. ::nods::

And everyone is sort of making me feel like shit for not being really up and silly and happy happy. :;shrug:: sorry.I'm certainly not in a bad mood. I'm just not enamoured with fucking people right now.

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