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I probably shouldn't listen to music in the morning. Well, not good music. Because then I get stuck with the crap they play at work all the time.
And this song. Gaddammit I just love this song so very much. Probably my current favorite.

I got up on *time* today. Got out of bed even. Got dressed and put in contacts and brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, and got down the stairs at about the same time I have the rest of the week when I've been slamming the snooze button.
Lesson learned.

Waiting on coffee. I'm an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddict.

It snowed here last night. Snow and rain mixed so cars and rooftops and anything off the ground has a tiny layering of snow, while everything else just has that vaguely menacing water/ice sheen to it.
It's supposed to snow Friday too.
All my childhood snow was so very very rare. And now I'm sort of annoyed at it.

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