A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Tech Radio Show

The lovely, cultured, and horribly high brow young men at Tech Radio will again this evening be discussing matters both earth shaking and minute. Join in, listen, and silently dream of rubbing up against their warm, lithe little bodies (or uh... something like that).
They may have a plan for the evening's show... they may actually follow it.
But then again, they may just end up rambling about Karl's powerful ass and how many terabytes of music Ken currently has in his bunker.

Listen to them *live* tonight 5-7pm PST, 8-10pm EST.
And there are just so many listening options.
Cnet Radio
In the San Francisco/San Jose area your Cnet station is 910AM.
Tune in on XM sattelite radio channel 130 (which just kicks so much ass. It's a beautiful thing...the whole xm world, not *just* channel 130)

You can also join the chat room. (Stay anonymous while still particpating you shady internet denizen)
There's the chat on the site (java required). The chat is always open so you can feel free to stop by anytime to see what's up.
Or, for those of you who hate and revile all things java, you can connect via IRC
Server: chat.hosting4u.net
Port: 7000
Channel: #techradio

Tonight I'm going to be hanging out with the peoples in the studio. More than likely I'll be eavesdropping on calls with Kelly the phone guy so hey, if you want to babble at me for a little bit, feel free to call the show at: 1-866-448-5720

And if you like the show, trust me on this, send them mail at geeks@techradio.com They like it.
A lot.
And who *wouldn't* clamor for the opportunity to bring joy to the lives of a small enclave of highlly intelligent, technologically adept, sharp witted malcontents? eh?eh?

And since I'm listening to something really fucking cool, as usual, on Karl's Server, I'll have to insist that you tune into that as well.
HiFi (broadband connections)
LoFi (dialup 36K and up)
I'll give you a cookie or a cookie-like thingy.

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