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still very high.

I'm a happy happy girl.
This was the best weekend of my life thusfar, I think. I was 5 years old. I was a gorgeous thing. I was a sophisticated creature with varied appetites. I was a silly little punk ass.
I am wonderful.

Karl suprised me with a trip to New York. I'm exhausted and there aren't enough words in the english language and not enough talent in my brain to shape them in order to adequately describe how I feel. It was just the best. thing. evar.

The people who are consistently good to me are going to be held close. Fiercely and tightly close.
The people who are good to me when the feel like it or when they can be bothered to pay attention to the strange weave of my emotions are going to get discarded. I've said this all before. But I've never felt quite *this* way before. It's all a matter of stages and right now I'm in this heady place where I'm not going to accept second best.
Gaddamn I hope it lasts. It's nice really giving enough of a fuck about myself to just demand more.

I'll say it again.
I am wonderful.
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