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A few notes on trying to talk to my father about taxes

So I just filed my taxes. One of the joys of making an incredibly tiny amount of money and not having any debt means that I usually get back all the tax I pay in. Well, I spent long enough not working this year that I *easily* qualified for an Earned Income Credit.
This is an additional credit, based on certain criteria, given to low income individuals as a sort of tax relief thingy.
I filed the federal first (becuase you need the federal adjusted gross income to file the state) and going through the telefile system (another good thing about being debtfree and poor. It's really fucking easy to file your taxes) I was given an EIC because according to the federal guidelines, I'm eligible.
So, I then went to file the state returns and when reading through the info on EIC to see how the questions would be asked on the phone menu, I saw that it only applies to *married* people.
The federal checklist never mentions this.
The state, however says that the checklist only applies to people who are married.
So, wondering if I just filed a fradulant return, I asked my mom to read it. She got the same thing I did. That i'm eligible for federal EIC but for some reason, the state guidelines are different.
My father got into the conversation though and informed me that I was eligible.
So I showed it all to him and explained what it was I was seeing.
On the federal forms it just asks if you're a dependent, if you were claimed on someone else's return, if you have a child who falls under these other guidelines. If all the answers are no, you qualify.
On the state form, the first question is wether you were claimed as a dependent on another person's claim. I was not.
Then it says "Note: questions 2-4 only apply if you are married and filing seperately...." and so on. And number 4 is the last question to be answered on the checklist, after which you calculate what your EIC would be based on your and your spouse's income.
This to me would seem to indicate that the checklist (beyond the first question) does not apply to me at all.
So on the main worksheet I would answer 'no', my family does not meet the EIC checklist criteria.

This made no sense to my father who just kept saying over and over that I did qualify and that 2-4 don't apply to me.
"yes, I know. That's what I said... they don't apply to me. Therefore I'm not eligible."
"No, you're eligible. 2-4 just don't apply."
"But if 2-4 don't apply, then I don't meet the criteria. If I don't meet the criteria, I'm not eligible."
"You're eligible. 2-4 just don't APPLY. so just SKIP 2-4"
"But there's nothing BEYOND 2-4. That's what I'm saying. You're only eligible if you meet ALL THE CRITERIA. Not just the first question. And since all other criteria is dependent upon my being married, I am not eligible for it."
Then he starts waving his hands and just repeating himself in louder and louder tones.
And when I walk away from him he yells at my back "It's a play on WOOORDS, HOLLY," which was, even being made as crazy insane as I was, still so fucking absurd a statement that I laughed.
He heard this laugh and decided to them FOLLOW ME explaining it all to me.
Heh. My father has an ability to infuriate me like few can. More or less just becuase his mere presence tends to annoy me. So actually having him speak is ... well... infuriating.
Especially when it's about something that he thinks he's really knowledgeable with.

But I should be getting back a really decent return, which is good and much needed as I'm still pretty wiped out financially.

It snowed most of the day today. Temperatures are supposed to be in the very low teens tonight and early tomorrow morning. I'm thinking of getting some of those flannel footie pajamas and wearing them over my work clothes, as there's just no such thing as a pair of warm khakis.

And besides... hey... footie pajamas.

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