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Tonight is the *last* (for now) TechRadio Show.
Yep, that's right. The very last one (for now).
Cnet has decided that its foray into internet radio is a financial bust and so they'll be pulling the plug on the venture. Which means that all the shows you listen to on Cnet (TechRadio and the crap I suffer through five minutes of on either side of it) will be going away if they aren't syndicated elsewhere.
Aside from David Lawrence, I'm not sure which other ones may be. I know Desmond Crisis is already looking for a new gig.
So the fat, officious, lame-guy-with-a-ponytail, dork, with his interminable, self-aggrandizing intro will still be around, playing it like a pimp from his home studio.
Lucky you.

Last week when I was there answering the phones I know that at least two people from LJ-land were listening and called in (thank you, Alicia. No thank you, Dave). I don't know about any others. If you've been listening, or you listen to this one.. let me know.

So, listen to the goodness that is TechRadio. For the last time (for now).

It's TONIGHT and ONLY TONIGHT (for now)
5-8pm PST, 8-10pm EST
Listen on Cnet radio
If you're in the San Francisco/San Jose area your Cnet station is 910AM
You can also catch the show on the incredible XM radio, channel 130

Join the chat and share in the audience goodness.
On the site (java required)
Or on IRC.
Server: chat.hosting4u.net
Port: 7000
Channel: #techradio

You should also *call* the show. It's your last chance (for now) and they're clearing out all their prizes tonight. I dunno exactly what they're giving away, but hey, free games. Plus, Kelly gets lonely in his little room. Call and let him know that your thoughts are with him.
The number is 1-866-448-5720.

And as always, you should write to them at: Geeks@techradioshow.com
Tell them how much you dig the show. Tell them how you're going to cry yourself to sleep every saturday night now that it's not around. Tell them all your super secret, inside info deals on do-it-yourself radio distributorship. Ask them their mailing address so you can overnight the cashier's check you've got all written out for them.Tell them how dreamy they are.
They enjoy the feedback a LOT.
Make them happy. They deserve it.

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