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Listening to Beat Spectrum

Listening to the lowfi verion of Beat Spectrum (hiFi version here for you broadband people).
Both the streams pull from the same cache of music, both on random, but not synched. So if your connection is capable of it and you don't dig what's playing on one, chances are good that something completely different is playing on the other.
For instance, while I was writing these down I saw My Bloody Valentine, Boom Boom Satellites, Ultra, Meat Beat Manifesto and PJ Harvey have cycled through on the broadband server.
And since I haven't pimped the server in awhile (like it needs it, the big sexaaay thing that it is) I thought I'd do so.
Plus, this helps me remember shit I hear and love so I can download more of it later.
This is written down as I hear it. Random is a beautiful thing. Especially when you go from honestly INTERESTING mellow moody funky stuff into Skip motherfuckin James.

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic Planetary
Love Spirals Downward - Last Classic (makes me want a hug)
Medway - Ressurection (really really liked this)
Skip James - Everybody Leaving Here (shit yeah)
Air Liquide - 1st Piece of Evidence (I said shit gaDAMN)
Depth Charge - Asp (all of a sudden the server knows I'm listening. Love this whole album)
Stereo MC's - Kitty Bronx (I'm a chair dancing white girl)
Public Enemy - Cold Lampin' With Flavor (oooh yeah. "Lifestyles of the living dead")
Tom Waits - Big In Japan (Server looooooove again)
Tosca - Pearl Off (mmm.. melty good)
Laika - Glory Cloud (I hadn't heard this one before. I don't remember them being this... drummy. I like it)
James Brown - Lowdown Popcorn (I have to be in just the right mood for James Brown. This isn't *just* the right mood.. but this is a really gaddamn fuck-you-in-the-ass kinda funky song)
Towards the Edge - Super Pulse (oh holy shit. WOW)
Underworld - Spoon Deep (Love Underworld. and this song)
And the server played Billie Holiday to fuck my brain. Then:
Dee -Lite - Stay in Bed, Forget the Rest ( apparently can't even take silly lovey stuff. Even songs just about fucking.
makes me bitter. )
"He's like a little fuzzy pee pee person!"

Natacha Atlas - Duden (spooky remix) ... I don't think I have to say anything about this. Damn I love this music.

I love *all* (well, the vast majority) of this music, though.
I could gush about the server for far longer than *anyone* would be interested.

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