A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I got out of bed at about 4:45 this morning. Proving that waking up and making myself move when the alarm first goes off (or at least when it goes off the third time instead of the ninth or so) means being downstairs, dressed and basically ready and prepared to drink coffee by 5, instead of the now almost normal time of 5:35.
This is fine, I guess.

If I could just force myself to sleep earlier... But even exhausted I can't convince myself that it's ALRIGHT to try to sleep before eleven or midnight. Bleh.

Checking my mail this morning I got... stuff... that I don't trust myself to react to in anything approaching an accurate manner right at the moment.
And I got spam from Amazon.
I don't go to amazon... the amazon wish list that I have from *years* ago is linked to a different email account... The only thing even vaguely attached to amazon I've had anything to do with lately is 23pools.com, a blogging and contest site.
Lazlo from the TechRadioShow chatroom linked it when we were all passing around some contact information. After he stopped by here and made a little 'prepared to stalk' notice, I figured I'd reciprocate on his blogging site. The site has one of those... "read this book, listen to this cd" sidebars that uses a script provided by amazon. And since that's the only amazon related thing lately where I've used my current email adress (and this is the first time I've gotten amazon spam in a year)... herm.
I purchased things from them months and months ago. The resulting pile of shit service and overcharging was what finally killed my already waning support for that company.
I'm hoping that I just somehow popped up in their cycle of spam from the database.
If it keeps up though, I'm going to have some nasty words for 23pools' admin.

On a completely different note.... I'm eating Elderberry Jam.
Not boysenberry, not blackberry, not raspberry. Elderberry.
It's good.

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