A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Ack! there's conchiglie in my fusilli!

I find it interesting that Jeff is doing updated message board messages for the techradioshow guys. As if he has anything to do with the show anymore. At all. I know *I* didn't hear him mentioned or see him pop up at any time during the process.
Maybe it's just his site?

All of ... one of you... probably know what I'm talking about. S'alright. I don't mind. heh

Rhiannon is supposed to call me at some point today to see if I want to hang out. It'll be good if she calls, because I'm all about the human interaction right now. It'll suck if she doesn't because I don't know what I did with her number... maybe Tom would have it. Dunno.

I'm just now reading an article about Columbia's horrible re-entry. And now I'm seeing the video for the first time.
This is going to sound incredibly callow.
It's beautiful.
Two different people on my friends list have made mention of the Challenger explosion. I was in elementary school and we watched the re-entry live on tv. So of course, we watched the explosion as well. At that point in time, there weren't any groups rushing in to stop them from showing us these catastrophic images again and again, so that was pretty much what we did all day that day in school. We didn't flip flop classes as we normally would. We didn't go to gym class. The only time we left the classrooms that day was for lunch. And even in the cafetorium there were tvs set up.
Apparently my school felt it was important that we ingrain all of this as deeply as possible.

I remember it being the first time the space program had something really tragic happen (keep in mind here, that I was born in '77, and had never been one of those kids obsessed with NASA) and even at the time I remember it being made very clear how rare and horrible this was. NASA didn't make mistakes.

And beyond the scrutiny around the time of the Challenger explosion, we just don't even think about it anymore. There's not a lot of coverage of the space stations, of the launches. We just don't *think* about this. It's all just routine stuff.

And for me this links into all sorts of things. The tech radio net show where they babbled about NASA. And of course, I've been watching Donnie Darko over and over. The imagery is just... a little too similar.

Funny how we'll know how things will look before we've ever seen them.

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