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Go to IMDB.
Look up just about any movie, but specifically a more complicated one. (Fight Club, Donnie Darko, hell, even LA Confidential) There you will find people overanalyzing the hell out of every little thing.
Now, usually, I LIKE IT when people think about movies. But not like this. And not these people.
These people are removing ANY JOY from watching movies by doing this to them. "How could it be possible for Jack to be in the Airport and for Tyler to be getting into a car at the same time? how can that be? what's YOUR theory?!" and people actually HAVE theories about this.

They're killing the whole point and purpose and escape and goodness.
They're just so desperate to be the one who saw through it all and knows the secrets (because they have no real talent themselves) that they're more than happy to circle jerk for a long long time over these questions that have nothing to do with the film, the film makers, or what the real MESSAGE of the film is.



Feb. 1st, 2003 08:00 pm (UTC)
I dunno... I can see doing it in a fun way. I can see sitting there and thinking... "ooh, well but MAAAAAAAAAYBE... this is how it is, eh? eh?" in a silly way.
But uhm.. they don't do that.

When I was going through a chunk of insomnia induced by extreme heartbreak awhile ago, I literally watched fight club at least twice a day, sometimes more, for a month. And ya know.. it just never occured to me to pick it apart like that.

I also hated and thought it pointless when he did the line by line picking apart of poems when I was in junior high.

And the thing is... I dig both poetry AND the movie...

so I dunno.


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