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so, I think I'll be spending some of my day downloading some Renegade Sounwave, Andy Partridge and Harold Budd, Scorn, and some Orb.

My ears are happy.


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Feb. 3rd, 2003 12:04 am (UTC)
Harold Budd... Orb.... ahhhhhh.

Makes me wonder what the other three bands sound like...
Feb. 3rd, 2003 02:26 am (UTC)
those two are things I never would have just picked out for myself. but Blue Room came up in the playlist and it was completely excellent, so now I'm curious.
The Harold Budd is *with* Andy Partridge... so uh.. yeah.. Collaborative effort. No idea what they sound like individually.
Renegade Soundwave is vaguely dub, heavy on the bass, sick beats...
And Scorn is similar, minus the dub. If I remember correctly it was sort of DnB/Jungley.

Of course, this is from memory after hearing *one* song yesterday. So my impressions of one song could be way off when applied to a body of work. And I never use my terminologies correctly. Or, well... the agreed upon terminologies. I tend to use words like "round" and "chunky" to describe music. Truth be told, I've no idea where the stuff I picked out falls into whatever pre-defined musical spectrum.
I just dig it.

Feb. 3rd, 2003 12:43 pm (UTC)
Blue Room is one of my all-time favorite ambient/techno/whatever tracks, and it's really easy to get lost in it. Especially if you're listening to the 40-minute mix which, by your e-mail comments I believe you were. Actually, I heard one of the live mixes (which are quite different from the normal versions) on the stream the other day, and it's a bit longer... could've been that too.

Andy Partridge = vocalist for XTC. Yes, that Andy Partridge (try the clip for "No Thugs In Our House"). I was always intrigued by his teaming up with Harold Budd - not something I'd expect off the top of my head, but it ended up being quite a nice album, also very ambient (in the broader sense). As for Harold Budd, check out a Cocteau Twins album called "The Moon And The Melodies" where he guests on piano. It was originally a soundtrack for a BBC documentary that *I believe* got scrapped, so they added vocals to half the tracks and just released it as an album. It's on the FTP if you want it.

Renegade Soundwave is all about the beats, and you've now proven that one of their songs ("Women Respond To Bass") was right on the money. Not a huge body of work compared to a lot of other early influential techno/industrial (think Cabaret Voltaire not Skinny Puppy) and underground dance acts, but what's there is pretty damn solid. The track you heard ("Kray Twins") has always been a favorite of mine as well.

Scorn... well they kinda started off as semi-spooky industrial with dirty guitars and vocals, then for the "Evanescence" album, the drums, bass, and dub production started playing a larger part. These days Scorn is purely instrumental, and rarely more than a rhythm, a bassline, and some ambience, all done in what he terms "reinvented ambient dub". Nice and dark, often crunchy and heavy, sometimes even floaty. Good shit.
Feb. 3rd, 2003 05:04 pm (UTC)
I honestly have no clue what mix it was for Blue Room. The track just said Blue Room, and you're usually pretty meticulous in your labelling. heh. So I assume it was the original.
Loved it though. Which, like I said, is pretty odd because I'd never pick it out for myself. I've heard *of* Orb, possibly heard some from your server before, but never really paid them any mind becuase I knew they were an ambient outfit and that's not usually my bag.
But you're right. I didn't even realize that the song was going on for that long. And I wasn't even doing anything else at that point. It caught my attention and I just stopped, closed my eyes, turned up the volume and listened.

If memory serves (because I'm too freakin lazy to go look), "Kray Twins" was the next track so it was like a cold bucket of water... but in a good way.
A very very good way. A big ol 'HFY' kinda way.

As for responding to bass...I'm sure you're well aware of what a bass/beats whore I can be. Whenever I think of a song that kind of hits me juuuust right... there are a few Damage Manual tracks, the toxic dub remix of "asbestos lead asbestos", and I always always think of "Asp" and "Bastard Swordsman" from Depth Charge.

The thing is... talking to you about music means that I don't have to use a bunch of contrived terms for musical genres... I can just describe the music with my own words and you'll get it. However, I've realized how spoiled that's made me whenever I attempt to talk about it to *anyone* else. Because I didn't learn what I liked by genre, I just learned it by listening. I've thought that maybe I should try to get the genre type at the same time that I find myself digging on something. But I've also noticed that the things I like most defy that sort of narrow classification.

So, I think I'll just stick to *my* words for things. No one but you is going to have a damned clue what I'm talking about... but ::shrug:: you know my opinions on that.

(I'm rambling)
Another thing though... I went through your FTP just now and you've added a lot more albums since my last run through. Hehe.. and I can remember when you first set up access for me... I knew very little of what was there. Just scrolling through and seeing so much familiar stuff makes me so very very happy.
Tank you tank you.

Feb. 4th, 2003 11:30 am (UTC)
Blue Room: it's crucial that you hear one of the longer versions (live included) because the shorter ones only feature the higher-pitched spidery bassline, whereas the longer ones have this lower secondary staggered dubbed-out bassline that really nails the track. Plus the live mixes are quite different, some lighter, some harder, but really interesting takes on the original track. I'll try and burn some more CDs for you this weekend, partly based on your recent comments. Do me a favor and e-mail me a list of the bands I already hooked you up with since I don't think I wrote 'em down, eh? :)

As for the server, you're welcome - makes me happy, and now I gotta go find Kaer's e-mail so I can hook her up too.

P.S. Always remember - "Asp" wants to crrrraaaaaawwwwwllllll across the floor and fuck you, and isn't afraid to show it.
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