A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

- Developed a migraine soon after waking.
- Took ibupropen
- Got into an argument with someone at work over his choice to play Pavement REALLY LOUDLY while he worked.
- Discovered that Pavement is so fucking vile and painful to listen to that I was literally going to cry or vomit or both.
- Thought of Roderick Usher
- Took excedrin
- Continued ranting about music at that officious little shit
- Realized that my immediate supervisor isn't really an idiot.. she just doesn't give a shit about *anything*
- Took 2 500mg Motrin
- Realized I'd taken way too much in painkillers on a mostly empty stomach over the course of 2 hours.
- Had a bagel
- Managed to get 'plastic burn' on every single finger tip
- Tore up knuckles on my left hand, got sharp edged plastic cuts in the creases of the first knuckles on my right hand, and ripped open my paper cut which bled A LOT.
- Talked to Brian (my supervisor's supervisor) and found out that maybe my immediate supervisor is stupid after all for knowing that she had stacks of things that I could be doing and getting done, but not telling me anything about any of them.
- Decided that Niven is just a nice guy.
- Helped Beth out of boredom
- Took more Motrin
- Ended up talking to the the backroom guys and the maintenance guy until almost 3 o'clock. No, I'm not goofing off on the clock. I'm doing important peer relationship building. yeah.
- Took a few pictures from a moving vehicle
- Fought with LJ
- Talked to a few people
- Became a cat couch

And now I need to take a shower, organize some cds (they all just got thrown in boxes uhm... a really really long time ago), watch a movie (Traffic or The Big Kahuna), and peel the skins off lizards so I can nail their shorn bodies to my walls.

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