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Me: I dunno. I was thinking about people today. Some days, something will happen... some person will do some random little thing that's so very damned wonderful that I like that ONE person enough to let me forget how much humanity dissapoints and pains me. It always suprises me becuase , well, until those moments, I forget that I have the capacity to just... love people in general that much.

I need to find a plausible, polite sort of way to decline Rhiannon's offer to go to Radford with her for 4 days.
She wants to party and also play tourist in Charlottesville.
yeah sure.
Actually, the best way to do it would be to point out that I don't have the cash for that sort of thing. I mean... I'm BRINGING lunch to work because I can't afford to buy something cheap every day. I'm thinking about things like... coupons. I'm considering developing a desire for oatmeal more often. So I don't think I can really put out the money for daily stuff and hotel and so forth.
Plus she's... well... a 20 year old.

Colin Powell is now talking to the world about all the evidence the administration has that prompts them to war.
I don't believe an ounce of it.
I'm just sickened by it.

Last night, I washed a load of socks and undies and work pants. When I pulled everything out of the dryer last night... it all had this weird smell. It was a good smell.. but it wasn't fabric softener, and it wasn't detergent. I couldn't figure out what it was.
Until I came home today and my mom told me that my tube of dr. pepper chapstick was in the dryer this morning when she went to use it.
hehe... OOPS.

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