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A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Heh.. I looked up my journal name using the google groups search (used to be altavista...)
I found some weird shit.


It's not the lighting of the sage that is the prayer
The act of burning the sage
Is the prayer's response.

The wind shook free a rain of spiders
Falling at my feet
Frozen, stunned
A momentary snapshot
Capturing my maddening

The weave unwound
And meaning scurried for the safety
Of darker places
Or so it appeared
For me, me
Me, I could stand up
And track each spider trail


A blur of motion shifting
Your eyes appear
The thoughts laying gentle on the surface
Buoyed true to your longings
And the irony
Of this closeness
Is the distance
It resounds

Do you hear and see the echoes you have left


The inevitable movement

The blind woman broke off a piece of bark
And dropped it in the water
I had boiling upon the fire

I search her sightless eyes for understanding

I see you there
So far away
With every word
Upon leaves
That speak
With my voice


In the wood there are trees
(they are everywhere, really)
That pair together

My labyrinthed vision...

(there is a point...
It is just a painted one
My words
For you...)

How is it that sprinting
Full force
To madness
Brings you nearer?

On the streetcorner
Almost dawn
The child
Spits out her $50 fare

You see?




The portaled trees
Ivy crossed
I know this

Everything is perfect


"Fine!" her legs cross
Shades on
Cigarette in her left hand
Blowing smoke


"So what of it?"

What of what I wonder?

(am I making any sense?)

Spiders rain, and scurry for darkness

She walks through the portal and blinks
Coming or going?
I see her

The canopy of leaves is strung with webs
Glistening bridges
Traversed by brave
Hand over hand

Some leap
From constellated homes
And fly winged
Galaxy to galaxy
Carrying mysteries
Across space

There are predators
And prey
And scouts
Entire families
Leaving the known
For no apparent reason


She looks at me and smiles
And I feel at home

She has nothing I think I want
I have nothing she needs

We smile


The child tosses on the urine soaked mattress
Shaking with need
These are her blessings

The radiator hisses in sympathy
Aware of only threat

We are one in the fields of the lord



In the Fenway
In Boston
There is a stand of birches
Living where men go to meet men
And drop
Their $50 fares

It was there I learned
How hawks hunt
The sun is behind them
They watch fierce
Not on treetops exposed
But in branches hidden
And take
Their food
As it comes

I take a sip of the broth
Scalding my tongue
She cackles
Knitting her blanket

And you

(A heavy sigh)


Come sit with me

I am lonely here

For you

"So what's the point?"

She ground out her cigarette



The Maddening Day

Ends another maddening day
With an empty room called "Home".
Unlocks the door, turns on the light
And finds he's still alone.

A cozy bed awaiting him
With no one else to warm it.
Except nightmare serpents and daytime terror
--Lie with him and swarm it.

And all too soon the day will break
To slap him in the face.
Reality then marches in
And all his hopes erase.

He starts again upon his path
With dragons more to slay,
And finds this crazy merry-go-round
Just another maddening day.

(c) Michael L. Ciavarella


collaged and maddening a dark living-room before noon fused to among
Device Manager damned August and its salty cling then Device Manager collaged August and its salty cling
twining if divinity completed a dark living-room before noon then

my skin finally upgraded collaged divination also August and its salty cling completed within
Device Manager completed over August and its salty cling maddening a dark living-room before noon
and my skin finally upgraded deliberating among August and its salty cling contemplated or

maddening August and its salty cling if my skin finally upgraded completed divination
then divination contemplated a dark living-room before noon among Device Manager completed
on top of my skin finally upgraded collaged divinity and a dark living-room before noon

Written by Poem Generator 1.2



In message "[ruby-talk:28991] Re: The maddening output of Arrays"
on 01/12/20, Joseph Benik <jobeicus@hotmail.com> writes:

|> But I have to say: Ruby has been out there for more than 6 years.
|yes, but. how many years has ruby had formal documentation in english?

Formal? None. ;-)

But I have to be slow to change not to crash millions of lines of Ruby



Where did the ants go?


Case Study:
64 year old Woman
A woman who experienced a maddening sensations of ants crawling across her skin was asked by one doctor if she'd been drinking!
Trying different soap powders didn't help. She changed her HRT pill on recommendation and was diagnosed as suffering from stress,
but her sensations developed from feeling as if someone was scouring her scalp with steel wool, to feeling as if a hot metal plate
was attached to her head. Needless to say, many members of her family began to question her sanity, as this woman has always been a
phlegmatic and logical person, not given to bouts of depression or feelings of stress. The heat of summer 1995 exacerbated the
problem and added to the discomfort of the woman.
When she saw an article in the Sunday Express titled: "A Pretty Smile Can Be Poison", one paragraph caught her eye: "The patients
that we see are at the end of their line" said Dr Don Henderson, "...they have been to their GPs and specialists. They say they are
ill, but the doctors cannot find any specific cause." Visiting Jack Levenson to be tested for mercury sensitivity, the woman
discovered that some of her teeth were more filling than tooth, and she may have to lose some. Testing very sensitive to mercury,
the woman decided to visit Robert Hempleman for mercury amalgam filling removal, following a month during which Dr Levenson boosted
her immune system with vitamins.
Gradually, all the fillings were removed under protection and replaced, without tooth loss. Today, the patient is restored to
full health with no physiological or psychological adverse affects, and is enjoying life as she should.
In article <19970428173100.NAA16261@ladder01.news.aol.com>,
dreldon@aol.com (DrEldon) wrote:

~I was wondering if Richard Rodney Bennet's score to FAR FROM THE MADDENING
~CROWD was available on cd or lp. Thanks for any info.

an excellent question and an excellent score.

got no idea.

Josiah N. Gluck
Audio Production Services
New York City, USA
josiah@interport.net <-- [use this to respond via e-mail]
"Yippee!! It's Mr. Whippy!!"


"Text from Maddening Imp

Maddening Imp 2B
Summon Imp 1/1

Flying. : All non-Wall creatures target opponent controls attack
this turn if able. At end of turn, destroy each of those creatures
that did not attack. Use this ability only during target opponent's
turn and only before combat."



"The problem is D'Angelo's rullings on Maddening Imp. According to
these, Maddening Imp will effect creatures unable to attack, even if
they have summoning sickness. If they do not attack, due to summoning
sickness, pacifism or some such, they will be destroyed.

However, according to C.10.2 and C.4.2 "Must Attack" will not work on
creatures unable to attack as described above. Therefore, surely they
are removed from the "All creatures target opponent controls attack
this turn if able" set? If this is the case then they will not be
part of the "destroy each of _those_ creatures" part of the effect.
It looks as if the rules contradict each other in this respect.

Maddening Imp either needs to be errataed so that the wording comes
into line with the desired effect or else the rules need a swift kick
up the jacksie. Comments anyone?

I say any card with so much crap ruling isn't worth looking at. I hate it when
they make the game so damn complicated"


and the most interesting thing... how popular the adjective 'maddening' is on geek usenet groups.
Just about every problem is a maddening one.

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