A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

ever have a random heart palpatation?
Just for a few seconds, you can't breath quite right... you can FEEL the offness of it in your chest... you feel groggy and weak.
I know they must not be healthy, and I don't get them often at all... this was the first in probably 6 months of so... But they always serve to freak me out A LOT.

They're just so quick though that it's easy to dismiss it as your imagination.
I dunno.

I'm exceedingly groggy this morning.

There has to be a less physcially exerting way to stretch.
And to blow my nose.

And to... be awake.

I've now gone in the opposite direction from my usual food thing. Instead of never eating, all I do now is eat.
I'm not gaining any weight. I eat something before work, again around 10, again around 1, again around 3, and then again around 7 or so. No, they aren't full meals or anything. It's a piece of fruit here, some crackers there... but I'm always eating.
And there's a part of my brain just screaming at me that NOOOO I have to stop.
But I won't. Becuase I just feel better.

My hands/wrists are still killing me muscle-wise from yesterday.
My skin isn't doing too hot either, given the slicing and general abuse.

Bah, whiney me.
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