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What the FUCK?
This is a recent post from the journal of someone I briefly listed as a friend (until I got into a big ol argument with him and called him a bunch of names over his really nasty, full of himself attitude)
I'm not giving a name becauseI just don't feel like starting one on one lj drama, but it *isn't* Dlbags, in case you're wondering.

"I had a talk with a fellow UPS employee about childhood; as he talked about a few problems in his own and I described the nightmares of my early years, I put it all in perspective for him: My life wasn't terrible when you weigh it against everyone elses.

Considering that most of my female friends and Ex's seem to have been raped, molested or both, I really can't complain about what I consider "light abuse." I was hit. I witnessed a lot of violence. I was called names. Nothing compared to having an Uncle fonder you or your cousin hold you own and diddle himself in your mouth. Or having a friend suddenly tear your clothes of, fuck you and let a friend of a friend do the same.

It makes me wonder how many girls are raped/molested per year... I have a feeling the statistics are staggering.

It also makes me a touch guilty.

When I hear about those rapes? I get turned on."

And in the replies, twho chicks, lamenting that he's never around to chat with.
That's some putrid shit right there, and a good pointer on why that guy in particular is so very full of himself. He can say clearly demented, fucked up things like that, meaning them, and not only not get pounded down for it, but get "oh, you big stud, you're never arouuuund!" bullshit.

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