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I ordered Traffic from Netflix. It's the first damaged movie I've gotten from them.
About 8 scenes in, halfway through the scene, it jitters and then skips back to about the 6th scene.
I tried skipping PAST the scene, but it continues this throughout the rest of the movie. I tried cleaning it, but there's nothing to clean. It's just really really scratched up.
So I marked the "unwatchable" box on the sleeve.

I'm going through all sorts of things. Papers I don't see the point in keeping, things like that.
I'm also organizing and sorting my CDs. Basically, things I want and things I don't want. The ones I don't want... I dunno what I'll do with. Maybe I'll sell them on Ebay or give them away or something. There are lots of things there that people would dig... just stuff I don't dig.
A lot of still-in-the-plastic things that were given to me.
I mean ... I actually found a Matchbox 20 cd. Some Bush cds. I *never* listened to these things and I don't remember how I got them. Some of them, however, like Corporate Avenger and Hate Dept. I *do* remember how I got. I thought they were something else when I bought them. hehehe.
I could actually probabably widdle down my 500 cds to something more like 100 without ever missing anything. Maybe I'll write them down, hand a list around at work, see if anyone there wants them. Then I'll put the rest on ebay in a few lots. Someone is bound to want SR-71 or that group that did the "story of a girl" song.

Karl gave me a little much needed pep talk earlier. I feel much much better than I did. It's good that he knows what it is I need to hear to snap the hell out of it sometimes.

So, no, Alicia, I'm not packing. I'm pre-packing. I have A LOT of stuff. So this is a very very necessary step.
Oh, and I'm also going through all the silly practice tests on the DMV site over and over and over. Because I'm going to get my license again sometime this week. We'll see if Holly remembers how to drive. That should be fun. Me, my mom, in her ancient mini-van... screaming at each other.
I'll be 16 all over again.

Still waiting on the damned federal government to come through with a check. That's money I could definitely use right now.

And ya know, I realized something... I've never quit a job that I didn't already hate. This is going to be weird.
But it's going to be *so* *good*. Forward momentum. I require it in my music, and now I'm going to be requiring it in my life.

I'm still a scared lil fucker. But I'll just have to get over that.


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Feb. 8th, 2003 08:22 pm (UTC)
Matchbox 20?!? Hee.
Another option for the CDs is trading them in 5-for-1 new one at Wherehouse Music on Tuesdays. It's how i've maintained my CD collection at 170-200 CDs the last several years despite changes in taste in the interim. Whenever there's a CD that i need that i can't find used by an artist not carried by Columbia House or BMG (e.g. Sonia Dada, Sleater-Kinney), i unload 5 CDs that i don't listen to anymore. They'll accept almost any CD in the trade and it's much less hassle than eBay.

Perhaps you should eBay the CDs that you know will sell for a decent amount and use Wherehouse Music's offer for the less mainstream rubbish.
Feb. 8th, 2003 08:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Matchbox 20?!? Hee.
I thought of that, actually.
But uh .. wherehouse music is sort of foul, Ken.
They'd have nothing I want.

There *is* a place called Cd Exchange here... but they sort of specialize in funkier, odder, hard to find stuff. There's no way I could pawn off pearl jam on them.

There's a place here, Planet Music, that I noticed the other day actually accepts trade-ins. And they've, oddly enough, got a decent world music section. Or I could pick up some of the odder, rounding out the music collection, type things.

Ebay *is* a hassle, but I've done it before with things. And I wouldn't put anything up there that I didn't *know* someone would freakin buy.

I think I'll just have to see how hefty a stack of cast offs I have first.
Feb. 9th, 2003 04:49 am (UTC)
Re: Matchbox 20?!? Hee.
I understand your hesitancy to use Wherehouse. However, they will special order CDs for you and still accept the 5-for-1 trades for them. At least the ones here in Houston do. They're capable of ordering some fairly obscure CDs (e.g. Living Daylights, Nicolai Dunger), even if they don't regularly carry them.

I'd only use Wherehouse for the crappy CDs that you could get at least 20% of a new CD worth of value somewhere else.
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