A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

on a completely differene note... my father is watching The Bodyguard again.
He loves this movie.
earlier today he graced us with his computer knowledge while my sister was asking me questions about her computers at work.
he was so completely wrong in just about everything he said *and* he used his own goofy ways of saying things because he doesn't understand the simple mechanics of things as complex and hard to grasp as basic windows operating.
He says things like "move it from there to Desktop. I put things in Desktop if it says that the path is not complete or something. And then I bring up My Computer and go through there to find it and print it."
It's hard to explain.
Basically, he talks about desktop as if it were a folder and 'my computer' as if it were a program"
He also asks me to "click into" websites more often than anyone should ever use that unfortunate phrasing.

He always amazes me with what he thinks he knows.

And now he's sitting over there, completely delighted by this piece of shit movie, eating his 5th popsicle.

And my cat just ate a chunk of bread that had melted butter and garlic slices on it.
No, he didn't lick the bread free of butter... he ATE THE BREAD with the butter and the garlic.

I finally got the Tech Radio Show segments from last week to start downloading. There've been issues with the hosting site.
The guys are right now recording another weekend, net only show which will appear on the site in their Archives sometime tomorrow.
You should download it. Then you can listen to the tech show goodness again and again.

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