A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The Herbal Essences commercial with the chick who used to be on Ally McBeal... the one with the over the top fake orgasms...
I actually find it *offensive*.
I have to leave the room or change the channel (and since I'm rarely the person in control of the tv, I leave the room) whenever that crap comes on.

I suppose the push of these commercials is that you're supposed to want to feel all orasmy yourself, so you'll run out and buy this shampoo. The effect it has on me is that I feel disgusted by a marketting group (and a manufacturer) who'd so blatantly and *stupidly* use a woman having an ORGASM to sell SHAMPOO to WOMEN. yeah yeah yeah .. lesbians.. blah blah blah.
So fucking what?
I hardly think that lesbians are the sole constituent of Herbal Essence's customer base.

There's just something about this lame, pandering bullshit that gets to me.

I mentioned to Rhiannon today that I had some cds she might want, like this green day one I got the other day (thank you columbia house and your automatic shipments) and she was just sort of... shocked that I would be giving it away. hehe.
Oh, and she spent the morning really annoyed at me because I told her I wouldn't be going on her little trip to Radford with her. She actually stood there and attempted to make me feel guilty. She pouted, she acted hurt, she even gave me the 'no no.. it's alright... I guess I can just find someone else to go .... I don't know *who*... but I guess I can find *someone*" crap.

And then she wonders WHY I don't really want to go hang out with her outside of work.

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