A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

"Just gonna turn on my cell phone in the charger since you're online.
Just in case.
I got 4 guys at the base today dealing with that emergency fuel tank.
Keep it on just in case they need something.
You know, since you're tying up the phone line....."

He sits down.
Turns on the tv
It's already so loud that It's hurting my head (which was just not doin well when I woke up)
And tuned to something that was mind numbing on its original broadcast.... "Big Break"?
My father is astounded at the guy who 'even looks a lot like" willie nelson.
"DAMN! Sounds just like him too!"
"Well, dad, they have auditions and stuff. They have to prove that they can fake these people before they're on the show. It's like star search for the single digit entertainment IQ's"
"He needs more nose.... not quite twangy enough...."

I hate this song.
"maybe I didn't love you OFTEN enough"
and at the end, "Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied"

Willie is a candidate for Viagra.

Sister is still here.
my shoulders still hurt.
I want pancakes.
Big fluffy ones.
and more coffee.
and a job.
and a house.
and a car.
and a life.
but I'll settle for just the coffee right now.

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