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I think Tim Burton should do the next Spy Kids movie. Becuase you just know that there's going to be another one.

It's disturbing to have a conversation with someone about 'punk' and have them tell you in no uncertain terms the 'types' of punk can be neatly divided into Green Day, Blink 182, Rancid, or Sex Pistol punks.
They all apparently have their own uniform as well. Green Day punks tending toward grungey clothes, Blink punks enjoying their khakis and logo shirts, Rancid punks in more traditional 'punk' attire of skinny jeans with holes in them and the ubiquitous biker jacket with chains.
She didn't point out the hallmarks of the Sex Pistol punk. Most likely because she tacked it on as an afterthought.

I had this rant earlier (ripped from the IM!):
Me: oh no! France didn't go along with america's plans for war! it's time to drag out the prejudices of the last generation that have NOTHING TO DO WITH US and mock a country for NO FUCKING REASON, just because our parents did.
It really gaddamn baffles me that people my age don't understand that the franco-phobia is a product of the baby boomer generation.
It has nothing to do with the French being snobs or looking down on the U.S. It has everything to do with our flat out *dumb* insistance on perpetuating nationalism and country-bound stereotypes that have no modern reference point.
FUCK YEAH for France and Germany and Russia for saying *no* to the U.S. push for war.
thank god they fucking stood up and tried to put their foot down. And just SHAME on the idiots in our government with their idiot outrage over being denied something they wanted.
aaaaaaaaaand rant over. yeah.

I actively avoided work today. The manager who was around today saw me standing in the same spot, talking to the same person at least 4 times before she came up and talked to me. This was intended to scare me into action. It didn't work.
I *was* talking to a customer in the store.
Granted, the customer was a dude who works in the store and just happened to be in there shopping... but we *were* discussing his purchases.
I've gotten *incredibly* blunt with everyone lately. That's a good thing, I think. But today was really just one of those days when I was having a hard time finding the fucking point of it all.
But I'm in a better mood at least. hehe.
Though you couldn't tell it from this post, I'm sure.

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