A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Bad Thing: hit the snooze button again this morning for about 45 minutes.
Good Thing: I've learned to really really enjoy sleeping for 9 minutes at a time.

Bad Thing: I got mocked for this silly unavoidable habit of mine where once a month, for the span of a week, my vagina* uterus sheds blood and tissue.
Good Thing: I had the opportunity to say "You know, Steve, you should look into developing a positive attitude toward menstruation, " in full voice right in front of a bunch of guys doing last minute "yeah, this stuffed animal with 'I (heart) you' written on it looks good'-shopping for valentine's day.
And I *seized* that opportunity. ::nods::

Bad Thing: Spent my day exhausted to a point where sitting down meant having to struggle to keep my eyes open.
Good Thing: Enjoying sleeping for 9 minutes at a time really worked out for me.

*bad thing: getting annoyed that someone corrects you
good thing: knowing that you're only annoyed because well, you *knew* it was uterus and not vagina.. but somehow that's what ya typed anyway.
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