A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The backroom at my store is a thing of wonder. Things actually have locations. You can find stuff. It's neat and tidy and organized... most of the time. There's this incredibly simple/horribly complex system for keeping track of everything.
It's impossible to explain without really... uh ... looking at it. So I won't try.
Because of the stupid way that people left pallets sitting about, I couldn't manouver a ladder into the aisles.
So I climbed the shelves.

I spent most of my day standing with one foot on the shelf to my right and on on the shelf to my left, 20" off the ground, hefting boxes, with only Niven around to appreciate my doing this.
The backroom people do it for maybe one or two items. But I got the point there that I was just sort of 'walking' down the shelves up at the top instead of coming back down.

And yet, it's when I get back down to a more sane level that I end up ripping off a chunk of skin and slicing my finger.
But ya know... I actually kind of *liked* climbing the shelves like a reckless person.

I got a book about optical illusions. I enjoy it muchly.

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