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I just watched The Big Kahuna.
If you've ever seen it, you may find the following reaction a little odd.
It made me want to call everyone important in my life and tell them that I love them.

If I movie does just the right thing at just the right time... it can occasionally incite me to odd/ill advised/downright stupid reactions. Such as this reaction. Or watching High Fidelity and deciding that I had to call someone I was dating right then and tell them that I loved them. As soon as it was out of my mouth, I knew it was wrong. I just get wrapped up, ya know.
And isn't the not saying better than the saying? In my experience it has been.
Usually because I've been wrong. heheh

But this one... this one I might follow through on. Maybe not phone calls.. maybe just emails. Maybe just a little heads up.
Hopefully, if you're someone I love, you already know and it would be old news.
If not, I haven't been doing a very good job at my resolution to be clear about my feelings toward people.

By the way, this has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, and everything to do with how emotional I am.
Today I was repeatedly baffled by people asking me if I had plans tonight. Why were they all of a sudden so interested? heh. I soon realized that they weren't. They just wanted to talk about their big plans. Which is sort of... sad if you think about it. If it's so special, it should be special enough to not need the oohs and aaaahs of coworkers, I'd think.
But then, I'm a single chick who couldn't remember for more than 5 minutes that I was supposed to be feeling lovelorn and hurting today for my lack of a displayable mate with whom I could exchange mass produced plastic things, icky chocolate collections, and doe-eyed stuffed-animal puppies clutching "I Wuv U" embroidered hearts in their teeth.
Or something like that.

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