A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Apparently when Rhiannon said that we should stay up all night, she meant that we should stay up all night with her at Denny's.
So yesterday I hung out with a watched a movie with Jeremy, then ran up to the store so he could talk to someone (and discovered that I'm horribly fucking popular in that store, apparently, just given the number of people who kept coming up and talking to me...), then went out to Q-Masters to shoot pool. I don't shoot pool. I'm horrible at it. But I shot two games. One of which I won, only because Rhiannon scratched.
She kept handing me her cell phone to have me talk to Donald, this guy who broke up with her but who's now back in the picture, trying to make nice and get back together. And he kept saying things like "you hate me" .
hehe. I don't know this dude AT ALL. However, I told Rhiannon that she should keep in mind that it's rare for people to REALLY change, at all, let alone in just a few months, so she should be wary and not jump into things.
I only told her this because I saw her just saying "yep! He's back and he's nice now! YAAAY!" and not really thinking it through.
Apparently she TOLD HIM I said all this. So she kept handing me the phone and having me talk to him. And then she was actually upset and embarassed and scandalized when I was honest with him and told him that I think he's only calling her to hook back up because he's a long way from home, just got out of bootcamp, and hasn't had anyone to diddle in awhile.

Don't put me on the phone with people in situations like that and then expect me to just play nice. You ask my opinon, I'll give it.
And she should know that about me by now.

Anyway, we left Denny's at about 6 this morning. Got back here, and me and Jeremy decided we were awake enough to watch a movie.
We weren't.
I woke up about 11, then dozed until about 1 when I decided he should really go home because I wanted a shower and was tired of having a person in my room.
I don't know if this is just because of my extreme lack of socialness in the last few years or what. But there are very few people that I'm comfortable being around for lengthy periods of time.

oh, and just an FYI.
Just about never will you spend 16 hours in my presence and then find me calling you as soon as you're gone unless you forgot something (like a dead body, or a child) and I really want you to come back and get it right then.

I dunno. Stuff, things, poop. ::nods::

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