A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I send back Traffic, The Big Kahuna, and
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I send back <i>Traffic</i>, <i>The Big Kahuna</i>, and <Swimming With Sharks</i> and recieve in return <i>Dead Man</i>, <i>Gummo</i>, and <i>Joe Dirt</i>.
Netflix is a beautiful thing.

Of course, 2 days worth of mail and all I have are Netflix notices, NYTimes news tracker mails and a mail from a bookclub.
I guess if I'm not feeding the fires I don't get much of a return, eh?

Of course, it's hard to have a conversation with someone who just isn't there.

I work tonight and tomorrow night, then I have three days off and on Monday I'll be back to my usual 6 a.m. schedule.
This is good because:
1. I'm really fucking sick of setting cosmetics
2. I think that if I have to work too much longer directly with Rhiannon, Eileen and Michelle, I'll fucking murder them all.
3. We haven't gotten out on time even one day this week.
4. All I do is sleep and work... worse than usual.

This is bad because:
1. I'll have to be up again at almost 5 every morning.
2. I get along with the overnight people.
3. I really like the vibe of the store at night a lot better than that during the day.
4. I'm so very much a night person it's just pathetic.

add in to that the extra dollar an hour for working overnight and working flow sounds more and more attractive.
I wonder if they'd let me do revisions overnight.

Well, I know they wouldn't. I'd be done on monday and have nothing else to do. bleh.

My cat only loves me this week when I have chocolate in my hand.

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