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It's one of those days.

I want to run around screaming "CROTCH!" ... rolling the 'r'... very baroque.
I want to just let everyone know that I have a smackable ass.
I was told so.
And even though I don't do compliments, it still made me smile...
People writing me monkey things in mail
And other people just sending me compliments
I didn't think it would be possible to be in a good mood today, but lawdy lawd, here I am and I'm feeling okay.
I feel good about my confessions last night.
It's wonderful being able to be honest.
To confess to the things I feel, but at the same time, not feel like I should be confessing more.
Being allowed to not be typical. Not give the usual answers... all the things that have made me a romantic dissapointment in the past are somehow... okay.

Hmmm.. I feel like I'm gushing about it.

I took a header to the concrete earlier because of Mike's sloppy crutch work. I have a boo boo on my lip and another just under my bottom lip.
The lower one is already scabbed and looks more like acne than anything else.
The one on my lip is a red, burning open wound. Looks like someone burned me with a cigarette.

How do I always do these things to myself.
Heh, at least the grass stains on my skin finally went away.
Smear the Queer is a fun game, but not with people who are a full foot taller than you and outweigh you by 50lbs or more.

I'm really tired of some of my friends and aqquaintances.
Mike is still being an ass, Dan with his I love you's.. I just.... I don't know what to say about him... I've been thinking a lot about Jason lately.... and Robert's growing need to be father figure and friend to me, actually sort of scares me. Never had that before. I don't know how I feel about it.
There's also the people I have very limited contact with. Their choice, not mine.
Apparently they think I'm obsessive. Or thought so at one point for sure. Maybe they still do. Can't really tell becuase they don't really talk to me. They probably never did.
I'll probably write more about that later.
Need to decide how I feel about it first.
Another of my friends has joined up with the LJ (I think more or less just because he felt strange about making anonymous comments). I'll link him, but he hasn't written anything there yet.

And Gateway users?

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