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People post fucked up things.
and then I read them.

The movie Gummo, on the sleeve that netflix sends movies in, is supposedly 'bracing and hilarious.'
I could only watch 20 minutes or so of it.
Bracing sure. Beautifully composed, very much so. Bleak and horrible and unrelenting and pitch black in its realities? yup.
I'm sure it's no exaggeration. I'm sure it's just like that in certain parts of the midwest. But I'm sure I can't take things like that when I'm already feeling less than happy.
So maybe I'll try it another day.

Been feeling pretty lonely the last few days. Lots of reasons for that. I'm also getting a cold so that doesn't help my general mood/demeanor much.
I have to be at work in half an hour. (check the time. Go on)
Which means I'll be out of there by 12:30. But it also means that I'll be ready to sleep by 12:30.

On my right side, about 2 feet away there's a medium-high china cabinet from my grandmother's house that holds wine glasses, and an insane amount of my great-grandmother's see-through, gilt edge china. When I look to my right, I can see my face reflected in the slightly wavy glass, lit by the computer screen.
I look tired and spooky and knowing and exotic in my own little... so plain it's exotic way.
I just realized though, that there is another glass doored cabinet to my left, well away across the room. And I can pick up my reflection there as well. But it just looks like something you'd see in an active skipping pond. All waves and light, no form.

It was just neat. ::shrug::

I'm already wearing my nametag.
I don't like that.

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