A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

ran out of coffee.
Drinking instant. hehe. I haven't had instant coffee in years.

All the boo-hooing yesterday has left my eyes really swollen and squinty. I either look shrewd and sultry or very allergic to something. Depends on how kind you're being, really.
I keep burning my mouth on this coffee. guh.

I feel like I've been awake for all of 5 minutes, but I'm amazed at how late it is. Crap.

The new plan for work is to just do my job, as I normally would, but keep in mind that some people just don't really exist to me anymore. Heh. Sounds melodramatic, but trust me... I've seen how things operate there... I know.
Go in, get my shit done, get out.
The thing is, becuase I'm usually done with my work earlier in the week, I have to help out planno. Eileen is the planno captain and a major part of my problem with things. So maybe I'll just start making revisions last all week. All the time.

dunno. we'll see how today goes. I'm a determined and hard willed person.
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