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I got sent something today.

I had to share a little about this.
I got them in a big box that was left on my doorstep.
Karl is a wonderful creature and I'm lucky for knowing him every single day that I know him. yup.

And look, Alicia... evidence of packing!


Mar. 16th, 2003 10:18 am (UTC)
Re: Honestly...
You don't read but you're reccomending Palanhiuk books. Mmkay.
Well then I'd reccomend them right back.
I never saw High Way but the person who was telling me about it in glowing terms the other day was the same person gushing about The Rules of Attraction to me... so the reccomendation on it is rather suspect. I might rent it at some point. maybe.

Movies I've seen that I've actually liked... jeeze. uhm.
After initially hating even the idea of them and vowing never to see them, The Lord of the Rings movies are just absolutely gorgeous. The visual style and the cinematography are unbelievably good.
Adaptation had a beautiful look and depth and was genuinely moving.
But then most of the stuff I'm thinking of right now is cult classicy kind of stuff. I was flipping channels the other day and saw the beginning of Queen of the Damned, which I'd never seen before. It was horrible, of course, but when he's doing the little 'music video' over the credits, the scenes and the look are entirely stolen from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a movie I really love the art direction of.
Then there's stuff like UHF, Tapeheads, Mel Brooks movies, Original Vincent Price flicks, and every ounce of bad horror. Especially Roger Corman style bad 80s horror.

My roster of likes is just way too broad. Though it seems narrow when people start naming off specific movies.

As for books.. David Sedaris, Eric Bogosian, Nicole Blackman, Tom Robbins, Charles Bukowski, Clive Barker, Irvine Welsh, certain Christopher Moore books, and a hell of a lot more than I can think of sitting here. I read a hell of a lot more than I watch tv. So it shows in my book collections. Though most of it is non fiction.

I dunno that loving the movie because the main character is 'hAAWT' is something that's always a phase.
Sometimes people never grow out of that.
Which is why I end up in conversations with people my age trying to explain that I don't CARE that Queen Amidala is a hottie, the new generation of Star Wars movies are just BAD.

Mar. 16th, 2003 02:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Honestly...
No I don't really read. I'm not the typical avid reader. Every month or so when I get sick I get into a reading shtick but other than that, I avoid books. I say chuck palnhiuk because in most of my "shticks" I read a book by him, and I'm never really dissapointed. There's always a twist, or a new look on life, or something that I can amuse myself by. The fact that he can make witchcraft and death by a lullaby into an interesting read makes him uberly cool in my book.

High way... it was one of those well made films, not much point, but there was stuff in it that are worth watching it for. Rules of Attraction I definitley recommend too. It was made well, and it kept me hooked. Not for the hot guys or anything, but the filming was really good and they messed with the order that made it completely not the shit-chick-flick. I liked it, but as we've seen that doens't mean much.

I agree on the Lord of the Rings. Despite the fact that I could never read the books, I like the movies. Although, I happen to dislike the choice of Elijah wood. The 2nd he was improved, but he just, doesn't cut it for me I guess. I've heard good stuff about Adaptation. Queen of the damned I saw in theatres and was in aww of cinematography, but otherwise it was sad in plot and acting. It made for a good 2 hours though. I haven't seen alot of 80's, probably because I wasn't born yet. Thinking about it, I also liked the Faculty. I'm not too sci-fi, but that was good in my opinion. They mixed good shooting, humor and horror all at once. Hated the ending though.

The only book I recognized there was Irvine Welsh, but I've tried trainspotting and I couldn't get very far. All the irish accent. I'm still trying though. I got the acid wash house. I've also been trying to get through Catch 22 and Slaughter house 5's. They'er classics, but they're probably worth trying if I want to understand what the hell is going on in my journalism class. I'm more into fiction than non-fiction. Like biographies, unless completely un biographic like, bore the hell out of me. Like I hate essays on them. Why do I care? What's so great about Robert E. Hemphry? Is he going to help me graduate? Get into a good college? Did he learn anything that I won't learn or that will change anything? except waste a good month of my life suffering to learn about him. But again, this is just me.

Yea, it might not be a phase, but I wasn't a 4 year old watching Beauty and the Beast for that hot grizzly ogre. I'll have to see, but I hope I'll get more intellectual than that. Soon.


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