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There's a community on LJ called nonuglies, the whole point of which is for you to post your photos and let people rip you to shreds. Specifically to let this little clique of 'hot chicks' rip you to shreds. If they like you (and they usually don't) you sort of become one of them and then *you* can rip people to shreds. They're incredibly rude about this too.
And there is never a day without at LEAST one post. It's amazing.
This goes right along with the conversation Karl and I had last night about why girls are such fucking sluts these days.
Girls Gone Wild videos sort of say it all. All those chicks more than willing, eager even, to bare it all for a camera.
sowing wild oats, college hijinks, not knowing any better... fuck all that.
I don't buy it.
Lord knows I'm not a prude. But there's nothing alluring or sexy about whores. The only way out and out whores are sexy is if you're thinking about PURELY out and out down and dirty fucking. They're there to make you cum. That's it.
And there are very few people in the world who can honestly say that that's what they're all about all the time. Well, I'm guessing there are very few. I mean... how many frat boys can there really be?

Anyway, I found this community by being nosey through someone's journal and interests. And now I'm just sickened by it.
This post is from one of the moderator people, I think. She's not disgusting looking or anything, not at all.
But she's whoring herself for the approval of a bunch of online people who only give a damn about her because she does things like that. (and there's people in the comments who talk about The Ring being a scary movie and that's punch worth as well)

They aren't great photos. Poorly color 'corrected' in windows photo editor (I can just tell) with some brightness and contrast tweaking (that's where that yellow tint comes from. It hides flaws and makes the pictures look 'freaky'). And what's with the pseudo-masturbatory thing in the second and third ones? eww and ick. Like I said... not sexy... just whorish. And it's just made even better by the 'look! I'm wearing glasses! I'm SMART!" icon of hers. heheh.
She's got to be breaking some sort of AOL tos with these, right?

The community info is this:
"This community is dedicated to those of you who fall in to the top 2% of the population. you are the beautiful people, the kind of person that others are drawn to and jealous of at the same time. This is a place where you may be conceited and no one will think less of you. Post pictures of yourself to show the world just how Fucking Sexy you truly are. Only one rule applies,
Uglies* Need Not Apply!
We take pleasure in the realization that few people if any are better looking than us. The mirror is our best friend.
*If you are deemed unattractive, you will be banned from the community! The moderator will not make this decision, but numerous negative comments to one of your entries will certainly mean that you are not attractive enough to be here.

If you have to ask yourself, "Am I Sexy Beautiful?", I'm sorry, but you are not. "

Now that's bad enough.
But how many members are there in the community? 480.
Now THAT is truly absurd.

Then there are the obsessive fan communities that really fucking creep me out. If I were one of these famous people and I knew about these things, I'd be scared. Honestly scared.
viggo_daily (obessive photos of Viggo Mortensen)
orlando_daily (obsessive photos of Orlando Bloom )
bean_daily (obsessive photos of Sean Bean)
elijah_wood_fic (Elijah Wood Fan fiction... not the character in LOTR... the PERSON Elijah Wood)
hotboys (discussion of and posting pics of 'hot' male actors and celebrities)
and this one... this one leaves me rather uhm... full of questions...
lotrmoulin (The LOTR - Moulin Rouge Fan Alliance)
Were there battles I was unaware of?

This is really just a focus on LOTR... becuase I found that viggo one the other day and felt really vomitty over it.
But they're out there for EVERYTHING.
I guess people have always been this easily lead and easily obsessive (just look at all the Buffy fan fiction to be found online) but DEAR CHRIST is it freaking me out lately.

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