A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I asked a customer in the store if she was finding everything alright, and if she needed any assistance.
Her response was "I don't feel like answering that question."
Which is absolutely the weirdest response I've ever gotten to that question.

My request for time off was approved.
Well, okay.. the thing was initialed as being keyed in and the copy returned to my folder. I *guess* that means it was approved. heh.

I spent the day doing *next* week's revisions. Got through ten of them, 11 more to go.
Because I worked late monday and I completely lost track of time today and ended up working straight through without a lunch, I can only work until 11 tomorrow. Since I have stuff to do... that's fine with me.

Saturday Rhiannon wants me to go with her to this little birthday party thing for a chick who used to work at the store (who I never really dug, and like even less now). She told me I'm obligated to go (which is the last way to make me WANT to do something, of course).
And I *will*... because I don't expect to be out long, really. I can't imagine this chick having a late night thing, given that the part we're attending is at a bowling alley, and the other party bit she's having starts at 6:30. heh.
And also because every single time Rhiannon has tried to get me to hang out except ONCE (and that was more of a group thing), I've turned her down. So it's just time for a 'yes', I think.

If I end up being out past eleven or so, however, I'll be annoyed. Yes, I'm that old. Shut up.

I'm downloading Deltron 3030.
I'm feeling very mellow. Another shift in my general feelings about ... life and stuff.
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