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"Teach me to read?"

Yo friends, check this out.
Roscoe's the name and they call me the king
Grandmaster of the chicken and the waffle thing
Now read my lips and, friends, don't miss a word
'Cause the grangmaster's gonna give you the bird.

--Come to Roscoe's for delicious food.
We got the fuel for your attitude.--

Now I'm the baddest D.J. on the fast food scene
And my food's so cheap, you'll lick your plate clean
When I throw down, the ladies all beg,
"Roscoe, let me taste your chicken leg."
C'mon fly girls, and wiggle them there bottoms
"Waffles just pancakes with little squares on 'em"

Now when you salivate and hear Pavlov's bell
Don't go to no place where they serve you ill
Roscoe's, that's the place to be
Just like you see it on the T.V.

C'mon all you homeboys and bring your freaks down
And toss them chicken and waffles around
You may be ugly or smell real funny
My store don't care, 'cause it saves you cash money

--Come to Roscoe's for delicious food
We got the fuel for your attitude
We got the best waffles and cluck
And you get good value for your buck--

I'm convinced that me and Karl are the only people who know of the existence of this movie.

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