A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Ooooh my god.
I think this is maybe the worst background I've seen on LJ in a long long time.
And it's on the journal of someone who belongs to many a drug community (tripreport, drug_experience, dancesafe) and who also seems to really believe that walk outs (I'm assuming a walk out of high school) make a difference somehow.

Naive and brain-burnt and already left color blind by all the bright blinky lights... tsk tsk tsk

Me getting up today just didn't feel real.
I think this is two weeks talking, but, me getting out of bed feels so pointless. Besides the fact that I'm not really sleeping, what little sleep I *do* get isn't helping me rest at all.
Every day this week has felt like Friday. But then it hasn't been. It's just tragic.

I haven't talked much about watching the Oscars, mainly because I don't want to get into sqabbles over them, and I know I would.
But there is one thing that I just thought of. I'm soooo glad that My Big Fat Greek Wedding didn't win any awards. I think the chick was up for best adaptation. So. Very. Glad. that she didn't get it.
Lame, bigotted, formulaic, predictable, slop.

okay, I go now.

EDIT: I actually wrote this this morning before work and hit 'post'... it uh .. didn't post. And I just realized it was still here. Tee hee

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