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More horrible grammar
"FUCK WAR! I got bored and angery in my comp app 2 class today, so i desided to make a colloge to show people about war. what war is and what it does. This is graphic, so if you have a weak stomic, dont look at it. Mind you i am against this war"

So ... basically an idiot.
A little idiot from NC, born in 85. the name on his journal is "The Child of the Destrustiron of Western Sociaty" and he's a self described goth. (who's excited about going to the Ren Faire)


and I'm not linking the picture. It's a poor collage of generic 'destruction of war' shots, military burials, and things pilfered from rotten.com.
non spellers make me mad.

"I have as of resent watched System of a Down's new video BOOM! and find it rather informational."

Yeah, so my brother goes on about me being a dork. Why, b/c apparently I am cocky, and I try too hard to be diffrent. Yeah, so rolling out of the bed and grabbing a few articals of clothing off the floor and throught them on is trying too hard. Voicing my opinion on those thing I have an opinion on is trying too hard. And having taist in an evolving form of music, as well as having an ecleptic collection of music is trying too hard. HA! Hes the guy who does stupid shit to make others laugh. Hes the one who in the past 4 years, Identifide with 4 completely diffrent clicks in middle and high school, ranging from Uber Prep, to Christian fanatic, to freak, to skater "punk". And i do use skater "punk" very loosly.

(his favorite movies are The Crow, Powder, and the Blair Witch Project 2, his favorite music is Tool and KMFDM, his favorite color is black, his favorite quote is the 'abyss' quote from Nietzsche and he likes "cyberpunks".... yep. All original. ::nods::)

I'm enthralled.


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Mar. 29th, 2003 04:45 am (UTC)
clearly, a mind is a terrible thing.

it brings to mind a poster i used to have in my room when i was much younger. it said: "those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do."

pretty much sums up how i feel about such whippernappers ;-)
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