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The Best Part of waking up is Jack Dangers Dub in your cup

Checking out my balance yesterday, I'm a hell of a lot more broke than I thought. Doesn't make me happy. but I deposited a pay check yesterday.
Basically, those few things I have taken out automatically (like netflix) and the few bills I have to pay (like the phone bill) get forgotten about (I mean, I pay them... but I forget to take that into account of the final balance) and then I do stupid things like.... buy some cds. Or these posters I ordered well over a month ago that just got here. The thing about that is... that I forget about them. And they usually take awhile to ship. So I plan money and then they ship these things and I know most places don't actually charge until they ship. So that's about $100 out of my account right now that I wasn't expecting.
Impulse shopper.
I've gotten better about it... but bleh. Ask people who are around me, and they'll tell you. I don't buy things for myself. It's rare for me to go indulge in shopping for... well just about anything. But especially music or movies. Because I know how expensive it is, I know I want absolutely everything, Soooo I just don't. yeha.

So I'm trying NOT to think about that and am instead swaying my hips lightly to and fro with Tino's Hallowe'en Dub. I also got a few Aphex Twin things that I didn't have (I Care Because You Do, and the Windowlicker single) and the new Aphex album 26 Mixes for Cash, which has him mixing all *sorts* of people, including Meat Beat Manifesto and Curve.

I'm going to do something today that doesn't cost me any money.
like pack.
and stuff.

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