A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I really really don't want to go driving with my father anymore.
Today he pretty much made me want to kill him.
The self righteous monologues on driving safety... the constant "you take turns like your mother"... his little "oh I nearly escaped death" noises when I go a little faster than he'd like or I have to stop short because someone in front of me did something stupid...
or the BITCHING AT that I got for missing the exit.
Sorry I didn't barrel forth, run someone off the road and hit a guardrail in order to get over.

For not having been in a car for years, and for not really being taught to drive at all the first time around (I held the learner's permit for as long as I had to and then just went and took the road test. I just lucked out in that there really wasn't traffic and the person testing me didn't really seem to be paying attention), I don't think that the *occasional* wide turn or stutter when I'm unsure of something is all that bad for only the second day of being back behind the wheel.
So ya know...
just fuck him in the ass.

Waiting for my laundry to get done and then I should try to lay in bed and think sleepy thoughts or something. The next three days are my last at work. I had to pick something up at the store today and saw Tom the stockguy. He actually seemed upset and put out that I didn't go hang out with him last week. He also kept saying that I should keep in touch with him after I leave.
Which is still... just odd.
Very very odd.

My sister like... double and triple confirmed helping me move the essentials up next weekend.
I like the double and triple confirmation. It's good. heh.
Though I think maybe I should call Bill and ask him to make SURE that they're up here at a certain time. As she's always always always late and I don't want to get up there too late in the evening.

It'll work out.
Noooo problem.

My mood is great. In a little less than a week I'm going to be knee deep in wine, music, kitties and monkey hugs. (those are in no particular order, by the way)

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