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I am home

We got back in from Vegas around 4/4:30 yesterday evening.
I don't think I can really sum up the experience, to tell the truth. I had fun. I really really did. I found that it wasn't that I don't like gambling... it's that I don't like it when people are serious about gambling.
I also found that being vaguely hungover+pms+bizarre sleeping patterns *will* eventually lead to a crying jag in a casino.
And ya know what? no one noticed.
Ya know why? It was Vegas.

There were elements of it that reminded me of disney. No really.
Each little building is its own ride.
And I didn't even have to go into the Excalibur to tell you how MUCH that bit ass.
That place made me a little hostile just looking at it, but having to listen to the 'medieval arena champion' music on the tram sealed it for me. It must be destroyed.
The casinos/hotels I was actually in/spent time in at all (even walking through) were the Luxor (that's where we stayed), Mandalay Bay, The Bellagio, The Aladdin, The Palms, and Caesar's Palace.
All of them have a copletely different vibe... the Luxor being my least favorite at the moment just because of how much the hotel service sucked. I even think they're kind of crappier than the Palms right now because at least the Palms had Little Buddah, this *incredible* restaurant with just a sick DJ.
And it's always nice when the DJ for a really really trendy/hip lil restaurant like that is a total non-hipster geek boy. So much cooler for that alone, ya know?

I'm rambling badly here... maybe later I'll have the coherency to make some sort of actual SENSE about the trip.
It was fun.
I would love to go with the Karl (or with Karl, Scott and Alicia) again in the future, as trying to go with a bunch of his group threw a wrench into the flow of things many many times.
But we'll see.

Right now I want some coffee.

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