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My attempted synopsis/just the pertinant points.

We left here a little late on Wednesday and took a cab into Karl's work in Dulles.
He wrapped up some things there, I met Verna (a coworker) and Watts (a coworker's friend. We left the office at 2 for the airport.
Then there was a cross country plane trip. Not a whole hell of a lot to say about cross country plane trips, ya know... uhm... it was Dulles to San Francisco, there was a loud, sneezy gay man behind us who whined most of the flight, and the most agressive flight crew ever. "seatbelts? The sign is on, Let me see that seatbelt."

We got into san francisco, had a lil food (bagels, after we found out that the airport pizza huts have no breadsticks) got back on a plane for Vegas.
We got in around 9/9:30 local time and got a cab for the hotel.
We got into the hotel and it was immediately decided that for Verna's birthday, they were taking her to Olympic Gardens (a large strip club with male and female strippers on different floors).
Karl and I opted out of that one.
He was very tired, I was very tired and very much no going to go to a strip club.
I'm not a prude... I just don't find anything fun about having an unattractive guy get nekkid and gyrate at me.
So instead, we drank in the bar and wandered the casino a little. About the time we were deciding food would be a good thing to keep up both going, my body just gave up on me. It was passing out time. Karl ordered and brought it up to the room, but by that point ( 4 ish?) he was at the passing out point as well. So we slept.

Thursday I woke up many times only to get lured back to the bed. Karl woke up with a nasty headache and after getting him medicated, he fell back asleep as well.
We finally were both awake and functional by about 4 in the afternoon (I think).
We moved rooms (long story) and were told about dinner at a restaurant in Mandalay Bay called Shanghai Lilly ("we think it's asian" hehe). So we dropped off our stuff, I changed, and we headed out to the restaurant.

Very good chinese food, nice bar, very good vodka sour and really lovely interiors. The curtains and the lights were especially nice.
Then we saw La Femme... this HORRIBLE 'artistic' revue. It's naked chicks with mostly unimaginative lighting (there were a few cool spots though) lipsyncing badly looped songs.
It was hideous.
We wandered around Cesar's Palace a little that night.
Then we split, went our seperate ways.
Me and Karl stayed in the room, just goofed off.

Friday Scott and Alicia came into down. They came to the room around 12/1 or so I think and we hung out, had some food, then got dressed and hustled it down to the limo for Steph and Andre's wedding.
We had the wedding thing. The goofiest half hour of my life. Elvis presided and did the entertainment. There were hula people. There were bubbles.

Then we went to the Palms for GhostBar where it was discovered that I did not have my ID with me. I'd left it in the mad rush out of the hotel.
That in addition to already being in 'hobbling' mode due to the usually just fine shoes I was wearing deciding to eat holes in my heels, I was very not happy.
Me and Karl went back to the Luxor for the ID and to try to patch up my feet a little (I really should have just changed at that point... but I wasn't really thinking.. and we wern't sure where else we'd be going, as we didn't know we were going to the Palms or ghost bar in the first place.
But I digress.
So we hobble on back to the Palms and head straight to the restaurant they said we were eating at, Little Buddha.
This place is great, I've already enthused about it a little... but really.. enough good things cannot be said about this restaurant.

Certain people at the table really pissed me off. I balanced this with good sake (sake drunk is *happy* drunk), and with sitting between Karl and Oscar who were both really digging the DJ.
I was still rather annoyed at the person.
Anyway, we were there fairly late and then we went back to the hotel (I think).

Saturday we got up and hung out with Scott, Alicia and their friend Sarah. We went to Mandalay Bay to the see the shark exhibit and ended up getting yard margarita's (48 oz!) that we drank in the room while we had room service (drinking people should not order food). Sarah left and the 4 of us went to see the 3-d haunted house IMAX thingy they had in the Luxor.
It was super cheesy, but the visuals were nice and the 3-d effects were really really good.

We headed back up the room, hung out and talked by the window for a few hours. We watched some porn, said some goodbyes, they left and we passed right the hell out.

We woke up around 10 to check out. Got showered and packed (my GOD did we leave that room a wreck) and went over to Steph and Andre's room with our stuff.
The plan was (our plan) to drop that stuff off as they wouldn't be using the room that night and said we could, and then head down to the lil cafe thingy and get some pancakes. Because, though they were cold and many hours old, the ones we'd had a few nights before had been *great*.
It didn't really happen that way.
We ended up waiting for about an hour while they got ready and we went over to the Bellagio with them, where we saw what a "holy fuck!" suite looks like. It uh ... it's impossible to describe.
Let's just say... it has a doorbell, two bathrooms, a formal dining table and you probably have to really yell to be understood from one end of the thing to the other.

So then we went down the cafe in the courtyard and had lunch around 1 or so.
Me and Karl then went over to the Aladdin, the Desert Passage shops, a bar that overlooks the casino floor and finally some slots and blackjack.
We left there about 12:30/1 in the morning and went back to the Luxor. We slept on top of Steph and Andre's bed... a bad move in their meat locker room (becuase THEY'RE MEAT PEOPLE), and got a few hours of sleep before the plane.
About 4 o'clock we got up, got bell service, got a taxi, got to the airport, got on a plane and *slept*

Then we got off that plane, onto another and, again, for the most part just slept.

We landed in Dulles around 4:30, got a cab, got home and just sort of spaced off and watched movies and had take out.

and so that uhm,... was vegas, really.
There's a lot more of course... but you cannot sum up that much spectacle.
And in case you hadn't noticed, all events are hazy and times approximate at the extreme.

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