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I had a long phone call with Rhiannon yesterday. Apparently the people I thought weren't too bad down there at the store had me sort of fooled. Tricia recently told Rhiannon about something really shitty that she did to her... and told her for the wrong reasons at that.
Sometime in January was Tricia's birthday. Tricia told Rhiannon that she was not having a party. Rhiannon was fine with that and the two of them just hung out before the birthday.
Yesterday, when they were having lunch, Rhiannon pointed out to Tricia that it was Kathryn's last day in the state... she's moving to West Virginia. Tricia recently blew off Kathryn to hang out with Rhiannon. So now knowing that she may not see Kathryn again she decided that she'd go along with Rhiannon to hang out with Kathryn and Beth.
Tricia then said that there was something she had to tell Rhiannon...
She said she'd be bringing along pictures from her birthday party... the one she didn't invite Rhiannon to. The one she told Rhiannon that she hadn't had. And the one that she made all the attendees swear they wouldn't tell Rhiannon about. The one that all the attendees (friends of Rhiannon as well) apparently had no problem keeping secret from her.
The people who went were probably a lot of people from work. People who've acted just fine with Rhiannon this whole time and apparently never had a problem just lying to her.
The reason Tricia finally told Rhiannon wasn't guilt... it was just that she was going to bring these pictures last night because Kathryn was at the party and would like to see them.

I kind of thought that of all the people I'd stay in contact with and be friends with, it would be Rhiannon and Tricia.
So we can just take that list down to just Rhiannon.
I don't have any warm feelings for Tricia anymore.
I didn't like any of the other people involved in the first place. Most of them struck me as manipulative little shits that I just happened to work with. So there's no loss there. But Rhiannon has just gotten royally screwed by people she has to see everyday at work.
She said she asked herself what *I* would do.
I honestly don't know what I would do... but I'd be damned angry and I don't think I could hide that.

If I'd been in the situation of any of these people... if someone had come to me, invited me to something and then said "oh, but you can't tell this friend of yours," I'd have first of all, told them to fuck way off. Then I'd tell the friend. And then, knowing me, I'd go ask all the other people invited if they'd agreed to the terms. Because I can be an asshole like that.
But more than that, it's just because Rhiannon is actually my friend.

There *were* reasons why she wasn't invited... and they're petty bullshit reasons. Basically, the person that Tricia had *just stopped* dating was going to be there, didn't like Rhiannon, and said that she was going to make a big scene if Rhiannon was there.
Tricia tried to paint this as her trying to *protect* Rhiannon from a big scene. Which is bullshit. Utter bullshit.

Rhiannon has never done a single ill-willed thing to Tricia ever. She's been a hell of a lot more understanding and patient with her than I think I would have been in the several years they've been friends. She's given her a lot of chances... which isn't like her. Rhiannon has no problem just saying "you people are bad for me" and abandoning a whole group of people. She doesn't *need* any of these people to be friends with her. Which I admire to no end.

Knowing all that and knowing how much Rhiannon has gone out of her way to be understanding and give chances and forgive... it just pisses me off a little more.
I got Tricia stuff in Disney too, dammit. hehe. It's sort of personalized stuff (it has her name on it) so I can't just not give it to her.
I'll just send it and have it done with.

But there's a part of me that wants to write her a letter and ask her what the FUCK she was thinking.
But the answer would be simple. "Myself"

She also told me about all the rearranging that went on in the store after I left. Brian (the manager I really liked) LEFT like... two days after I did. And never told me he was leaving, the dick.
So they had to make someone else a hardlines manager, get a new logistics manager, rearrange people at the front end, in softlines, plano... the whole *store* flip flopped. And the changes are *laughable*.
This is what Kelly, the cunt manager, had in mind, I suppose.
Because she's a fucking idiot.

I picked a great time to leave, I guess.

In addition to all that they're apparently having a foam block crisis at the store.
The little foam blocks (about 1" square) that are used to stick pop out signs to backer signs/backer paper around the store (look around a retail joint sometime... especially a target.. you'll see how much of the signing uses these things. Or you won't because no one notices the signing we spent so much time getting right... sort of the nature of it, really)are horribly important in the signing books. Just about everything has a pop-out on it.
So just about everything needs these fucking sticky foam blocks.
All the pop-outs all over the store are falling off. Apparently the last batch we got was defective.
Rhiannon and I noticed that the pop outs on the cosmetics reset we'd done were falling off. Apparently it was a problem with ALL the blocks we got shipped around that time period.
So there aren't any good ones in the store.
And all the signing is coming down.
And they're freaking out.
It's wonderful.

"all they did was slowly collapse... like a flan in a cupboard"

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