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Last week I was feeling a little out of sorts, a little out of place.
I just had to keep reminding myself that this is a transition period. No change this large in your life is going to be without its bumps.
I'm feeling a hell of a lot better. I'm just more comfortable in my own skin than I was a week ago.
This is due to a lot of Karl support, a lot of kitty love, and just giving myself a fucking *break* for once.
I've been too hard on myself, as usual.

In case you were keeping track, I'm not in LA as was planned.
Karl had some stuff pop up at work, a special very important project that he was chosen to work on. Soooo, as his boss said, it's time for a funeral for his vacation.
So we aren't going to E3 this year... but that's okay.
And we're going to have to postpone seeing Scott and Alicia, but that's okay too.
Going right now would have meant really only being able to hang out with Alicia a few nights during the week due to her schedule. And I think that maximizing the Scott and Alicia time is definitely a priority.
Soooo we go later.
He works on big ass project.
I have more time to settle in.
It's all just fine. Because I'm still here and I still get to see and talk to and hang out with Karl *every* day.

Right now the studio is an area that's off limits to the cats. Karl is in the middle of putting together his computer in here and the motherboard is sitting exposed in the case. Static is bad for motherboards. Cats are very staticky (and they RULE all surfaces... so it's not like they won't get up there). So no kitties in this room until the computer is put together.
Sooo.. anytime I'm in here or both of us are in here, the cats (mainly just Ryoko) sit outside the door and FREAK OUT because they can't see me (or us).
She's doing that now.

I got lots of photos developed and I'll be scanning them in and hopefully posting them and stuff.
Now might be a good time to get a basic grasp of some sort of picture viewing HTML format and use that webspace that's been sitting there with a goofy place holder forever.


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