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This week me and Karl are doing an in home field study (the thing the vacation got nixed for). We're actually going into people's houses and asking them questions and doing scans and stuff on their computers. I think the information we're getting from it is interesting in a general sense as well as being beneficial in an application sense.
But it's still fucking weird going into someone's house and messing with their computer.
Weird enough that a lot of people don't want to be involved for fear we're going to screw something up, change something, or see something they don't want us to see. Which.. I dunno... I guess I can understand to a degree.

The thing about this is, that most of the appointments take two hours. The appointments are being scheduled two hours apart. Heh. So we're late for all of them except the first one because the houses are usually not right next to each other and the DC area isn't exactly the easiest area to zip around in.
It's only been a couple days and we've got at least another week of this ahead of us, including the weekend.

I think the thing that's been most suprising about this (except the actual study and what we're finding which, of course, I'm not going to talk about) is how *nice* everyone has been. All of the recruits have been really aimiable and even understanding of the time crunch factor when we've had to postpone or reschedule because we just couldn't make it somewhere in time.
I hope that trend continues or this whole thing could get really horrible really quickly.

Poor Karl is the tiredest person ever.
I hope we don't have too many more completely full days.

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