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Funniest. Thread. Evar.

I was looking for stuff to lure Rhiannon into LJ land. So I found a good charlotte community.
The people there are idiots. No really. Super dumb. I think there's one person there who kept saying (in multiple threads) that it was just pop music, quit taking it so seriously, it isn't real punk, of course it's right beside Avril Lavigne...
THey don't like it when you say things like that.

Ahhhh blah.

Rhiannon likes Good Charlotte. She doesn't pretend they're punk, she knows they're pretty rootless, but it's something she can sing a long with in the car and she thinks a few of the guys are really hot. All that I'm just fine with.
Now, if she insisted that they were punk pioneers or that they, along with Sum41 and blink 182 represented a punk renaissance or something... then it would be head choppy time.


Yesterday I was poking around slashdot looking for something and found a link to a review of Postal2 that more or less said it wasn't as fun as it could have been because it wasn't violent enough. And more than that, what it really needed was more sex. Not just sex like in GTA3... not just strippers like in Duke Nukem. But rape. They wanted to be able to rape the headless corpse of the character they'd just killed.

I, of course, replied. heh.
Then I wrote to the 'owner' of the site. He wrote me back this morning in really snarky tones claiming that they were trying to make a point about how the violence in video games is alright but sex isn't and why is that. They were trying to start a discussion on the topic, he says.
I told him that he went wrong somewhere because that's not what the review says at all.

He also tried to get sarcastic "back at you" with me about this link that they had to go diving for to even get to from my "site".

He told me to make an account and protest it.
Sooo... okay. I did.
I think you guys should to if you have five minutes and you are offended by the review.

Here is the review in question. It's for Postal 2... probably the worst game he could have chosen for this pupose. If he were really decrying the love of wanton violence, maybe he should have picked a game people actually *liked*.
The reviews for Postal 2 are horrible. They do nothing but rip it to shreds. It's apparently horrible, stupid, pointless and boring.

You can make a new account (right column of the page) right there or you can just comment as anonymous.
Apparently it's more impactful if you actually make an account to comment. ::shrug::

yeah yeah.. I'm a rabble rouser.

Karl is great, in case you didn't know that already. The kitties are awesome. I had the weekly "I'm being too hard on myself" weep last night but ... I dunno.. I don't think I'll be doing that as much. Something's clicked over this morning. I don't know if I can explain it. Maybe Karl just said all the right things. Or maybe I just finally heard them.

Now I go have a banana. ::nods::

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