A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I've washed off, picked through and set aside the blueberries. I've measured and premixed the dry ingredients. I've organized the egg, milk and oil so that I can quickly put them together and mix.
The pan is on the stove.
The other dishes are washing.

The syrup is out, the plates are out.
I am the most prepared blueberry pancake maker ever.
I just have to wait for the person who wants them to be coherent enough to want them. hehe.

Karl has been having some crazy horribly pain in his right shoulder for the last few days. This is affecting his already not great sleep. He woke up long enough to have a lil chat with me, take some flexeril, relocate to the couch, and have a lil heart to heart with me before he went back to sleep.

Guh.. the telemarketer calls are non stop.
I slept rather poorly last night. Lots of waking up and lots of vaguely disturbing dreams. Vaguely futuristic. Hovel-like communes. Being chased through backyards by kids on bikes. I think it even had a soundtrack.
And I'm pretty sure the bit at the end I recognized, but I don't know in real life.
I both enjoy and really dislike that there are places I've only been to while asleep, but have been to often enough that I recognize them immediately when I stumble into them from one dream or another.

Last night he got out of work at a very decent hour. We went to the curious grape, did a little tasting, went to Charlie Chang's for food and then back the grape for a little purchasing.
We hit Tower on the way home for some good classic honestly scary horror movies and came up empty handed for the most part.
We *did* get the widescreen edition of Minority Report (previously we'd gotten a copy, but had accidentally picked up full screen. Karl said I couldn't watch it that way as I'd be missing half the movie and I agree. We resolved to get another copy. We did. We brought this one home, got it open and one of the two disks is missing.
Fuckers.), Man Bites Dog, and the newly released Criterion edition of Down By Law.

At one point we had a stack of about 10 movies... and probably 20 more that we'd pre-weeded out as not totally necessary. But we were good.
I think mass purchasing of media is something that both Karl and I can list as a weakness. Gotta watch that.

We got home, goofed off, ended up watching my copy of Happy Tree Friends: Volume #1.
(The website is here)
Then we went to bed.

We're such party people.

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